Mukesh Kapur- Commercial & Advertising Photographer in Delhi


mukesh kapur


new delhi, india


freelancer, photographer

"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph."

– Matt Hardy

Mukesh Kapur is a New Delhi based commercial photographer specializes in advertising/fashion, industrial, food and product photography.

Mukesh Kapur believes that all of fashion’s magnificence, the emotion of the human and felt energy and aroma of food; serene silence and calmness of things around could be photograph and captured.

With the acute insights into the creative processes Mukesh Kapur has emerged in the process of expressing more through photographs than words. He develops the idea into a concept maintaining the emotions and keeping alive the subject in the minds for long. Mukesh has excelled in the visualization of ideas through his experience as a brand designer along with his commendable excellence over web designing and graphic designing.

As a commercial photographer, he ensures to be available and engaged throughout the process from conceptualization to execution of the theme based photography, till the time it meets the customer’s fullest satisfaction. Moreover, photography for him is not only looking but also feeling. He ensures that the customer could feel the idea and its essence behind, and makes it true to its end.

Mukesh works with the best teams of agencies and marketing companies or directly with a business or brand. With the dedication, zeal, commitment and novelty have impressed business and brands. He has been involved in marketing and promotion of new projects of various business and brands.